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        Custom Microarray Production

        Equipped with different state-of-the-art spotting technologies, INTER-ARRAY® supports customers with an exclusive microarray printing service, from the design of the arrays to data analysis. For this all-round service the best price and performance ratio, short production times and excellent quality are offered.

        There are several forms of microarrays offered by INTER-ARRAY® to its customers. The substances that can be spotted include proteins, peptides and antibodies, oligonucleotides, cells and cell lysates, carbohydrates, particles and chemical compounds as well as special molecules provided by the customer. The substrates to be spotted onto are glass and polymer slides, microtiter plates and microcavities, membranes and microfluidic chips, as well as individualized surfaces. Various surface coating technologies provide access to a wide range of applications. Depending on the customer's requirements, the array design, which concerns the number and arrangement of the spots on the substrate, is defined.

        INTER-ARRAY® supports its customers in all microarray development stages, from feasibility study, optimization, verification and validation to pilot production. Following the successful development, INTER-ARRAY® will be available with its ISO certified manufacturing capabilities as a contract manufacturing partner. The focus is on the high quality of the products. For the production of the microarrays, the dispensing systems work in a climate-controlled environment with inline QC software, so that a quality control of 100 % of the produced arrays is guaranteed.

        Multiplex Assay Development

        INTER-ARRAY® offers solutions for multiparameter assay development and validation for any application in diagnostics and life sciences. The protein and antibody microarray technology has enormous potential for diagnostic applications. Miniaturized parallelized immunoassays are ideal for generating the maximum amount of diagnostically relevant information with small sample and reagent volumes. Customers benefit from the cost and time savings of the miniaturized assays developed by INTER-ARRAY®.

        The use of microarrays in human and veterinary diagnostics is of interest for all applications where multiple analytes can be determined from a single sample. Typical examples for multiplex assays are allergy and food intolerance tests, the diagnosis of autoimmune, metabolic and infectious diseases as well as cancer diagnostics. The technology offers excellent prospects for new ways of individualized diagnostics and personalized medicine.

        INTER-ARRAY® is the perfect choice for the development of high-quality microarrays for diagnostics. Standard detection formats such as ELISA, lateral flow strips and microfluidics tests, as well as custom platforms can be used. In addition to the development of complete protein arrays on demand, flexible support for feasibility, design and verification as well as production and validation projects for various arrays is possible. The multidisciplinary team of INTER-ARRAY® will help accelerate and bring diagnostic products to market rapidly. In addition to a completely new development of multiparameter tests, it is also possible to transfer existing assays to the microarray platform.

          Our Company

          INTER-ARRAY® is the microarray division of fzmb GmbH, Research Center for Medical Technology and Biotechnology (Germany), which has got an extensive experience in immunochemistry, biomedicine and bioanalytics. Founded in 1994 by biotechnologists, engineers and medical specialists, the ISO-certified company today develops and produces innovative, high-quality diagnostic products for laboratories and point-of-care applications. The INTER-ARRAY® division offers a comprehensive range of services around the microarray platform.


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