INTER-ARRAY combines bioanalytics with state-of-the-art microtechnologies, especially in the field of high precision microdispensing. INTER-ARRAY is partner of companies and institutions in the fields of medicine and medical technology, diagnostics, environmental analysis and pharmaceutical development.




Equipped with different state-of-the-art microdispensing technologies, INTER-ARRAY supports partners with an exclusive printing service, from design to data analysis.

INTER-ARRAY supports its partners in all microarray development stages, from feasibility study, optimization, verification and validation to pilot production.

INTER-ARRAY offers solutions for multiparameter assay development and validation for any application in human and veterinary diagnostics and life sciences.

INTER-ARRAY is a full service provider in the life science sector with its protein and antibody, molecular, microbiology, bioconjugation and surface technology labs.


Microarray Genotyping Kits

INTER-ARRAY Genotyping Kits allow DNA-based detection of antibiotic resistance genes, virulence genes and pathogenicity markers of different multi-resistant pathogens by simple and quick assignment of unknown isolates to known strains within hours.